Jharcraft has given a new form to the loam in form of this craft. Jharcraft is not only making décor items and momento of terracotta but has also added a new chapter in the Jewellery market.
Terracotta (“baked earth”) a beautiful unglazed ceramic art made of coarse and porous clay which is noted for its versatility and durability.

The handmade Terracotta Tribal Mask Wall Hangings is a rare exclusive collection of purely assembled workmanship by local artisans from various parts of Jharkhand. The products made by innocuous earthen product Clay and the finished product consumed in the heater to make it harder. Natural shading used to make the item dynamic and convey an amazing look.
We specialize in Necklace and Earring Sets.


Terracotta Mask


Terracotta Jewelry


Our aim is to create unique terracotta jewels that bring out the best in you.
Let’s appreciate the bowed heads and hands of the craftsmen that mold the clay into alluring art.