Jharcraft is an organization with a difference whose main motto is to create new sustainable opportunities of livelihood for the disadvantaged sector of the state and for the women empowerment in this class and the state. It stands for the poor people and works towards their self-dependence rather than extending charity towards them. Jharcraft helps to in-build a sense of entrepreneurship, within the artisans and craftsmen, which helps to strengthen their confidence and shapes their thoughts towards betterment. It stands for the ST & SC Minorities and also contributes towards revival and preservation of their art, crafts & culture.

Jharcraft is a professionally managed company which enjoys the advantage of the contribution of each employee and the efforts of each individual towards its augmentation and progress. The Value chain, strong forward & backward linkage and the values and ethics of the organization are its assets which helps it to compete into the global market. The root level job profile creates the base of the other activities of the organization.

It is supervised under the efficient and highly qualified Board of Directors and looked-after by the Managing Director. Jharcraft is offered services of charted accountants, company secretary, qualified accountants,marketing professionals, management graduates, designers, sericulture diploma graduates and many other professionals who guide the efficient artisans and craftsmen. The artisans and craftsmen are the biggest assets of the organization, without the contribution of which the organization stands no chance of existence.

Jharcraft’s area of concern is Handloom, Handicraft and Sericulture sector. The activities are based in the interior areas of the state and the organization works basically on the SHG, NGO and Project modules. Work-sheds are built within the villages with all necessary facilities for the artisans and weavers to work at the nearest place from their houses. Other facilities including training, raw materials etc are also provided to them in these work-sheds for un-interrupted work. These artisans are supervised by the master trainers and qualified cluster managers & project managers throughout. This is to check the quality standards of thecommodities produced.

Jharcraft has its own dyeing and finishing units. It has its own stitching unit which helps to control the quality of the handloom products. The organization also monitors the forward and backward linkage for the production of various traditional handicrafts of the state. The whole process and value chain are monitored from the head office. The organization is not only involved in quality production of handloom & handicraft products but is also implicated with the Marketing and Exports at large. It has showrooms throughout the nation including all the metro cities of the country.

Jharcraft also is an implementing agency for various state level and national level government schemes. It is also collaborated with many of the renowned organizations for implementation of their CSR activities. Jharcraft also provides design assistance to various other states and has joined hands with many of the organizations which has resulted benefit of the artisans.

Jharcraft was started to work for the poor people of the state and continues to do so. The impacts of the organisation reflects on the lives of the people and the changing environment of the state in terms of social, economical and environmental developments.