Dokra art products

Dokra art is a traditional art of Jharkhand. It is also practiced in the neighboring states sharing common political boundaries and similar cultures. It is basically a brass-work (Metal Craft) done by the Malhore castes of the state.
Brass is a combination of copper and bronze. The artisans of Jharkhand practice the traditional “Lost Wax Technique” to craft their immigrations. The craft is described by its primitive simplicity, rustic beauty, and imaginative designs and patterns. The products are handcrafted and may have slight inconsistencies that are a natural outcome of human involvement in the process.

Tribal Standing Man


Tribal Standing Man With Tokari and Kamandal



Tribal Woman holding Matka on head


Tribal Women Holding Fish in the Left Hand 


Tribal Man Holding Cock


Matka Wali 


Singa Bonga Head Male and Female





Our appreciation of Dhokra art will strengthen our identities, our pride in belonging to a community.