Bamboo and Cane Products

Jharcraft bamboo products are all-natural, handcrafted, and environment friendly. Jharkhand being a natural reservoir of Bamboo creates a way of living for people. We work directly with the craftsmen of the region supporting the rural communities.
Segments of bamboo and different kinds of sticks are widely used to produce distinctive utility and enlivening things sewn by the talented hands of the craftsmen. Stick and bamboo cane likewise be changed over into solid and exceptional furnishings, which are extremely well known at this point.
The Cane & Bamboo products are all made of natural handcrafted cane from our production, and it takes time for skilled workers to design the products and to perfect the detailing which gives them a one-of-a-kind enduring décor look.






Multi-purpose Container


Table Top


Pen Holder


Pencil Box 


Bamboo Basket 


Oval Box Art


Fruit Basket


Washable Deco Bin 


We love keeping our roots in handmade items of sustainable products. We embrace the natural world with elements we discover close to our origins. Our products are a collection that merges classical Indian designs with a contemporary and sophisticated look. These products have a high life with minimum maintenance.