About us

Jharkhand Silk Textile and Handicraft Development Corporation Ltd., also known as JHARCRAFT, is a government of Jharkhand undertaking. Jharcraft was formed to create sustainable livelihood opportunities in the rural areas, based on Sericulture, Handloom, Handicraft and other allied activities.

In the year 2006, Jharcraft was started as an organisation to create new opportunities in rural areas with an objective to change lives throughout the state. In the first year, the organisation was engaged in organizing production units of various categories. Today, it provides both, forward and backward linkage to the Handloom and Handicrafts sectors for a sustainable source of livelihood. It was formed to provide aggressive marketing to the merchandise made by the rural artists.

Jharcraft supports the whole value chain of production and marketing including, providing raw materials, training, designs and marketing. The poor artisans of Jharkhand who have recognised silk production as a source of income have enhanced their skills in quality and varieties of products like: organic fabrics, silk sarees, Designer garments, Home Furnishing etc. 

The appreciation and purchase of these wonderful natural fabric will breathe new life into the lives of the artisans and help enrich their brilliant culture.

Our Vision 

With the mission of "Creating Opportunities and Changing Lives", Jharcraft is viewed as the supporting unit to the state, contributing maximum to its social, economical, and cultural uplift, rise and growth.

Our vision associated to the organisation focuses on the following –


Women have the power to give life and Jharcraft believes that she is naturally empowered to change lives as well. Playing important roles in a family she forms a better half of the society.

The golden history of the nation points to the fact that the future of the nation can not be directed towards ‘Glory’ without women participation.

The women employment is matter of major concern of the organisation so as to make them self dependent. Through Jharcraft each woman earns around Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 5000/- per month which enables them to look well after their family, educate their children, and contribute to the betterment of the family and society.


Our vision expands towards fulfilling cumulative dreams through creation of sustainable livelihood models based on sericulture, handloom and handicrafts.

Through maximum utilisation of natural resources and labour power available in the rural areas of the state, Jharcraft aims to provide each hand its value and add to employment and income generation.

The cottage and household industries have potential to become the backbone to the state economy and can generate maximum employment with minimum cost ensuring a bright future.

Jharcraft provides support to promote handicrafts, handloom & tasar silk production. Woodcrafts, Bamboo-works, Dhokra-art, Terracotta products, Lac bangles, Cotton handloom, Applique work, Zardozi work, Tasar products, and various other forms of human art, have gained new horizons through Jharcraft.


Jharcraft’s vision does not limit to its own growth and profits but it also sees that each human effort associated to the organisation is valued. We view each of our artisans and weavers as stake-holders in the company. We see them as the owners of the organisation, and Jharcraft as an entity which stands fully for their benefits, growth and development. Implementation of various schemes, project plans and each plan of action is framed for maximum benefit of the artisans and weavers, their personal development, capacity building, trust building, financial uplift, and social rise.


Jharcraft is a step towards creation of an era of financial revolution throughout the state. The potentials of the state have been explored by Jharcraft, the goals have been set and the path has been built to reach to development. Also, the journey to financial revolution has begun. Jharcraft focuses mainly on the upliftment of the rural areas, self help groups, and cottage and household industries to bring about a noticeable change in the financial status of the rural sector of the state contributing to whole of the economy of the state.

Each woman associated to the organisation, earning Rs. 4000-5000/- per month, surely proves the changes being brought about in these remote areas. Also the rate of migration of people to other states going down ensures that the revolution would soon be very prominent and success rate would be quiet high.


Jharcraft’s vision also includes bringing about a positive change in the social status of the people along with their economic growth. We aim to bring about an effective change in the standard of living, as well as way of thinking of the people associated to the organisation. Jharcraft promotes trust building among people along with team spirit. Education of children, respectful position of women in the society and family, health values, quality life style, and healthy work atmosphere for all is highly valued by Jharcraft.


Jharcraft is an undertaking which is managed by a team of qualified and dedicated professionals. The services and efficiencies of these hardworking professionals are pooled at Jharcraft and are directed towards focused objectives and goals. The company stands with a vision to establish as an organisation which provides a healthy work place to the people associated with the organisation where they are exposed to continuous learning experiences, providing them with opportunities of self development. We focus on making it a company where people are happy to work. Jharcraft is a professionally managed organisation under the guidance of its board of directors and Managing Director. Jharcraft has an efficient professional team of accountants, financial & legal advisors,marketing managers, production and design unit which contribute to the management of the organisation.

The design unit of Jharcraft has professional designers from institutions like NIFT & NID who provide design assistance to the artisans so that they can meet the existing trends in the market, compete with the other players in the market and attract youth section of the society. There are Post Graduate diploma holders in Handloom and Sericulture appointed as CDEs (Cluster Development Executives) and Project Managers to develop the various clusters in the villages throughout the state.


Jharkhand state is enriched with enormous natural resources and cultural heritages. Being a tribe dominated state; nature has been given utmost importance in every sphere of life & culture. Jharcraft’s vision expresses to conserve the extinguishing cultures and revive the extraordinary arts, paintings and crafts of the state.

The major product of the organisation is the Tasar silk which completely requires outdoor rearing. We promote forestry and plantation of more trees. This adds to the natural resources of the state and adds to the beauty and greenery of the state.

We generate employment keeping in mind the balance of nature. All the crafts are an inspiration from nature.

Our Objectives

Following are the main objectives of Jharcraft:-

  • Provide an adequate platform for marketing of handloom and handicraft articles.
  • Strengthen rural cottage industry.
  • Establish 'Kuchai Silk' in the National and Global market.
  • Create a development fund for weavers and artisans.
  • Protect and develop the languishing Art forms.
  • Create job-opportunities in deep remote areas.
  • Implement Capacity-building programs for rural artisans.
  • Trust building among the weavers and artisans.
  • Implement welfare schemes.

Our Mission

"Creating Opportunity, Changing Life"
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Jharcraft :"Turning dreams into reality..."

​​​​​​JHARCRAFT Jharkhand Silk Textile & Handicraft Development Corporation Ltd.

Jharcraft as an implementing agency :

Jharcraft acts as an implementing agency for the government to facilitate many of the scheme programmes and bridges up the gap with the beneficiaries of these schemes. It implements the:

  • Jharkhand State Sericulture Schemes
  • State sponsored Handicraft Schemes
  • Catalytic Development Scheme of Central Silk Board for Sericulture

It also implements the associated schemes of Central Government & State Government like:

  • Handloom Cluster development Schemes
  • Primary Weavers' Co-operative Societies (PWCS) Schemes
  • Group Approach Schemes

Through these schemes the beneficiaries are provided with training, stipend, raw materials, design assistance, and also marketing platform  through various State level and National level fairs and events.

How to associate with Jharcraft

  • Various Self Help Groups (SHG's) and individual artisans can associate to Jharcraft and can involve themselves in the productions.
  • Interested organisations can associate with Jharcraft as a "Franchisee" and contribute to the Marketing of the handicrafts and handloom products of Jharkhand within and outside the state.
  • Agreement is another way to associate with Jharcraft for marketing and sales. The people can buy or transfer bulk quantities of Jharcraft products under their possessions and sell through their outlets as per the terms of the agreement.
  • Jharcraft also supplies to various renowned exporters and is the producer of export quality products.
  • Jharcraft is also a direct exporter of the handloom & handicraft products.
  • Jharcraft can provide job works for bulk quantities for hand embroideries and surface embellishments.
  • Jharcraft can provide consultancies and design assistance to the interested organisations.
  • Jharcraft facilitates implementation of various CSR activities of various organisations.
  • Jharcraft is a producer & supplier of bulk quantities of Silk, Handloom & Handicraft products.

Our Products


Tasar Silk Running Fabric

Cotton Running Fabric

Sarees - Tasar


             Kantha Stitch

             Satin Stitch

             Hand Embroidery


             Madhubani Painting

             Tribal Hand Painting

             Block Printing


Ladies Kurti

Ladies Stolls, Shawls & Dupattas

Ladies Lowers

Ladies Jackets & Bandies

Mens' Shirts

Mens' Kurta

Mens' Jackets & Bandis


Bedsheets & Bed Linen



Home Furnishings

Kitchen Furnishings


Dhokra Crafts, Jewelry  & Decors

Jute Bags, File Folders, Jewelry & Decorative Products

Cane & Bamboo Furniture

Lac Bangles & Jewelry

Leather Bags, File Folders & Wallets

Teracotta decorative products & Jewelry

Candles & Incense sticks